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Vitacost Complexed Selenium - Albion® Selenium Glycinate Complex

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What is Complexed Selenium - Albion Selenium Glycinate Complex?

Complexed Selenium - Albion Selenium Glycinate Complex is a high-quality form of the trace mineral selenium.

Chelated minerals are minerals that have been chemically bound to another molecule (typically an amino acid) to form a complex. Chelation naturally occurs during digestion, after stomach acid and enzymes break down protein into amino acids. Amino acids bind to minerals, assisting their transport through the intestinal walls.

Unfortunately, the body is not efficient at producing chelated minerals. So, Albion developed an exclusive technology that mimics the body’s natural chelation process, producing readily absorbable organic chelated minerals in supplement form. Glycine, an easily identified and efficiently absorbed amino acid, is the chelator (binding agent) most commonly used in Albion formulations.

Albion chelated minerals are:

  • Produced in laboratories under carefully controlled conditions, utilizing an advanced, patented chelation process
  • Nutritionally functional with an ultimate glycine-to-mineral molar ratio
  • Clinically researched and chemically validated with TRAACS (The Real Amino Acid Chelate System)

    Guaranteed pure and stable

  • What are the key benefits of Vitacost Complexed Selenium - Albion Selenium Glycinate Complex?

    • Selenium has been well studied and is recognized for its importance in human health.*
    • Selenium functions in a number of antioxidant enzyme systems in the body such as glutathione peroxidase (GPx), thioredoxin reductase (TrxR) and iodothyronine deiodinases (IDD).*
    • Supports the cardiovascular system.*
    • Maintains a healthy immune system.*
    • Supports the health of the thyroid gland.*

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.