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Vitacost Certified Organic Microwave Popcorn - Non-GMO Lightly Salted

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  • Lightly salted, organic kernels that pop to perfection
  • A healthy, whole grain snack anytime – day or night!
  • No hydrogenated oil, artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Good source of fiber and whole grains
  • Non-GMO and no trans fat 


Potato chips have their time and place … say at a frat house party with some creamy, processed dip. Popcorn, on the other hand, has a more grown-up flair to it. Of course, it’s more nutritionally sound and surely satisfies a salt craving. More importantly, no cuddly date night would be complete without a warm bag of microwave popcorn nestled between you and your sweetheart.

To show them you really care, protect your love from the horror show of preservatives, pesticides and artificial junk that’s typically found in microwave popcorn. Instead, get your ticket to the best show in town, Vitacost® Certified Organic Microwave Popcorn. USDA Organic and free of GMOs, this movie must-have gets two (non-greasy) thumbs up. How’s that for a feature presentation?

About Vitacost

Vitacost nutritional products are manufactured to high standards of quality, efficacy and safety. Each Vitacost product meets or exceeds the standards and requirements set forth in the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulation (21 CFR, 111) Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

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