Sansevieria Laurentii Potted Plant (Approximate Delivery is 2-7 Days) Perspective: front
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Sansevieria Laurentii Potted Plant (Approximate Delivery is 2-7 Days)

9.25-inch potUPC: 0081005417351
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The Sansevieiria Laurentii, also known as the snake plant and Mother in Law tongue, can be easily recognized by its sword like shaped and inclined dark green leaves with lighter yellow stripes along the margins. This snake plant is one of the toughest and easiest to care for plants you can find. The Sansevieiria Laurentii is an evergreen perennial that are very long-lived. Whether you set this plant indoors, in your garden or on your balcony, these spiky beauties can put up with almost any environment and condition they are placed in.

Sansevierias are one of the best plants when it comes to air purification. They filter out formaldehyde and nitrogen oxide. They do this at nighttime making them great plants for the bedroom. You can go to bed and this plant will clean the oxygen around you while you sleep. This plants air purification features and eye-catching colors make it the perfect choice to add some flair to your home or office space. Indoor house plants are proven to be excellent air purifiers which help decrease stress and anxiety while stimulating creativity and productivity. Great for yourself or as a gift!

  • Sansevieria Laurentii helps remove Volatile Organic Compounds and it converts CO2 into oxygen, which makes it ideal to keep it in your bedroom or living room.
  • The Sansevieria Laurentii adapts to any type of light it is placed in and it is also drought tolerant thus it needs watering when the top 50% of the soul is dry to the touch.
  • We do not ship to California, Arizona, Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico. We do not recommend shipping to extremely cold weather states.