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NutraKey TRU Pre™ Precision Formulated Pre-Workout Tahitian Fruit Punch

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The TRU Difference

Do you like to know what you''re taking and how much you''re taking? Does your pre-workout leave you guessing? TRU Pre™ has no proprietary blends, no deceptive dosing, and no filler - just a massive 23 g serving comprised of 13 proven performance enhancing ingredients. That''s the TRU difference.

> Citrulline Malate Boost pumps. Citrulline significantly enhances blood flow, reduces fatigue, and improves strength.

> BCAAs Feed your muscles. BCAAs decrease muscle breakdown and encourage rapid recovery through increased protein synthesis.

> Beta Alanine Delay fatigue. Beta Alanine buffers lactic acid in muscle tissue, immediately boosting endurance and physical performance.

> Betaine Anhydrous Power up. Betaine increases physical output and delays muscle fatigue.

> Hydromax® Glycerol Full muscle volume. HydroMax Glycerol superhydrates muscle cells to increase muscle volume and power output.

> Taurine Take flight. Taurine enhances mental performance encourages nutrient uptake, and promotes fuller muscle pumps.

> Energy And Focus Build mind-muscle connection. Cutting edge nootropics deliver absolute clarity and unmatched drive to encourage full muscle engagement during intense training.


Clinical Advantage

> Each ingredient in TRU Pre has been dosed according to clinical studies establishing effective doses for sports performance. Find out for yourself with our 100% transparent TRU Supplement Facts

Don''t Waste Another Training Session With Under Dosed Pre-Workouts

Heightened Cognitive Function

Dynamic Mental Stimulant

Accelerated Recovery

Greater Blood Flow and Vascularity

Increased Muscle Volume


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