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Mary's Gone Crackers Super Seed™ Crackers Seaweed & Black Sesame

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Mary''s recipe for happiness: whole foods for a full life.

We put a lot of heart into what we do. Now we put a lot of seeds into it too!

When we saw how much you liked our Super Seed crackers, we asked ourselves: "How many luscious flavors of our exSEEDingly seeded crackers can we create?" Putting moderation on the back burner, we hit the kitchen with a mission. (yes, we have a kitchen - crackers like ours don''t come from food labs.)

The result: Introducing Mary''s new Super Seed line, an extended family of surprisingly indulgent crackers for all who like a little extra. packed with seeds and essential fats, our Super Seed crackers bring new flavors and abundant goodness to your delicious life!

Peace, Love & Crunch™   


Seaweed & Black Sesame

Packed with Seeds. Loaded with Nutrition.

Imagine once cracker giving you the protein and carbs you need, plus the essential fats that can help maintain a healthy heart. Now THAT''S abundant goodness for you! Savor the rich, indulgent taste of luscious sunflower and pumpkin seeds, organically grown whole grains, and inspired flavors that could only come from Mary''s™.

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