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Marooki (small cut) Oud Wood Bakhoor (1 oz)

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Marooki (small cut) Oud Wood Bakhoor (1 oz)

BA-1360 Marooki (small cut) Oud Wood Bakhoor (1 oz), Amir Oud Marooki small Oud Wood chips are uniqueand high-quality resinous agarwood and that it releases an aromatic resinous scent. Marooki small Oud Wood chips are extracted from the untamed tropical rainforests of Marooki, Indonesia.These precious agarwood chips have a wild woody scent. The Marooki oud Wood chips will infuse its aromatic qualities when burned on an incense burner. e.g. Saudi Arabia's perfumery stores. Types and degrees of oud wood vary based on origin, tree source, and process used.Specifications: Cultivated Marooki small Oud WoodType: ProcessedSource: Imported, Marooki small OudWoodBakhooris used in many events such as:WeddingsReligious ceremoniesSpecial gatheringsPerfuming clothes and/or hairWelcoming special guestsPerfuming the houseTo boost positive energyTo use Amir Ouds Bakhoor Wood Chips:Place the charcoal disc in the mabkhara (Incense burner)Apply flame (matchstick or lighter) to the disc until you see sparks traversing the coalAfter a while, the disc will form some gray soot like ash over the top indicating it is hot and readyNow you can place a piece of bakhoor on top of the disc with tongs and experience your exotic bakhoor fragranceUse a little for lighter fragrance and less smokeEnjoy the Fabulous smell that comes out. Use to refresh home or before guest arrivalAllow the charcoal to completely cool down for disposing of the ashtray

Model No : BA-1360 Brand : AMIR OUD FRAGRANCE Origin : US Marooki (small cut) Oud Wood Bakhoor (1 oz) Product Capacity : 1 oz