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Biochem Sports W+ Joint Whey Isolate Protein Natural

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W+ is a new dual action protein line from Biochem® that includes pure Whey Protein Isolate and novel functionality ingredients.

Try out the rest of the line today! W+ Energy, and W+ Infla-Support™.

This product does not contain common GE genes or proteins. Non-GMO tested.

A Scoop of whey protein a day supports immune-health.

Our protein comes from grass-fed cows that are rBGH & rBST free.

Ultrafiltration/Microfiltration method results in pure whey protein.

Type I and III collagen from grass-fed & pasture raised cows.

UC•II Clinically studied UC-II® is shown to support joint comfort, flexibility and mobility.

9 naturally occurring essential amino acids, make this a complete protein

• Histidine • Lysine • Threonine • Isoleucine • Methionine • Tryptophan • Leucine • Phenylalanine • Valine

+11 other amino acids

• Alanine • Cysteine • Proline • Arginine • Glutamic Acid • Serine • Asparagine • Glutamine • Tyrosine • Aspartic Acid  • Glycine.

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