Shop with Google Assistant

With our new Action on Google, you can manage your pickup cart, add and remove products from your shopping lists, clip coupons, and find items while you’re in store using just your voice!

Available Features on QFC Action on Google

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How to Connect QFC to Your Google Assistant


Enable the Google Assistant on your Mobile Device

Start by installing the Google Assistant app on your mobile device if it is not already installed.


Activate the Google Assistant & Talk to QFC

Wake up your Google Assistant on your mobile device or smart speaker. Just say “Hey Google, talk to QFC” to get started.

Link your QFC Account

You’ll be prompted to link your account to the Google Assistant. Tap yes and proceed by logging into your QFC loyalty account.


Authorize and Get Started

Once you tap “Authorize” you are done with setup and can now begin using the functionality of the QFC Action!

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Open Google Assistant on Your Samsung Device

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