Thanksgiving Tips to Help You Save Time

A person chops a cucumber while a cooked turkey sits in a pan in the foreground

The holidays are almost here. There will be plenty of food, plenty of dinner guests and plenty of thankfulness. But what’s one thing we need more of during the holiday season? Time! Preparing food is just one of the many tasks to keep in mind when prepping for a big holiday meal. Here are a few timesaving tips to keep you ahead of the curve this holiday.

  • Up to 3 Months Ahead of Time
    • Prepare and freeze cookie dough or piecrusts. Simply thaw in the fridge the day before you need them.
    • Start planning dishes. How many people will be attending? What are the family favorites you must have? Are there any new dishes you want to try?
    • Delegate! You don’t have to make it all yourself. Ask friends and family to contribute a dish.
  • One Week Ahead of Time
    • Make a checklist! You won’t want to be scrambling to the store at the last minute.
    • Mix any dry ingredients. It will save you from having to use measuring cups or spoons the day of; simply add in the additional ingredients and voila!
  • One Day Ahead of Time
    • Raw vegetables and dips can be chopped and prepped the day before.
    • Soups are easy to make the day before and reheat perfectly the day of.
    • Set the table and add any festive décor.
    • Anything that can be partially baked the day before, should be: green bean casserole (sans the French-fried onions), rolls and stuffing.
    • Keep mashed potatoes warm in a slow cooker.
  • The Big Day
    • Save the turkey (or other protein) for the day of; while you can prep it in advance (rubs, seasonings, etc.), keep it juicy and fresh by preparing it on the day you plan to carve it.
    • Relax, enjoy friends and family — and be thankful!