Halloween Trick or Treat Night Tips

A jack-o-lantern candy bucket, a mason jar with lid and straw, and an alarm clock sitting on a wooden table

The kids have been looking forward to Halloween for months and their night is finally here. Make the most of the evening by planning a play-by-play.

Set a schedule for the healthy after-school snack, trick-or-treating trip, bedtime routine and everything in between. You can make it official by writing it up on a chalkboard or notepad or just keep the general timeline in mind as you enjoy your Halloween Eve.

First things first—that after-school snack. Fresh veggies and hummus keep good nutrition front and center. Other options include pear slices and cheese cubes or yogurt sprinkled with a bit of granola.

Encourage your kids to get any homework out of the way, so they can enjoy their evening without school work hanging over their heads.

Be sure the costumes are ready to go before sitting down to supper. Enjoy a fun Halloween-themed meal, using orange and black dinnerware (paper plates are fine tonight!) and napkins. Sprinkle orange and black confetti over the table if you don’t mind the clean-up.

Costume time! Face paint goes on now, along with that costume. Locate any glow sticks they’ll be carrying or double check the batteries if they are using a flashlight.

Younger kids will want to start trick-or-treating immediately after supper. Older kids can hand out candy until they head out themselves. When you’re buying candy, consider also purchasing pet treats for any four-legged friends that venture out with their trick-or-treating companions.

Get the kids home an hour or so before bedtime so they have time to sort through, trade and organize their candy. Offering a snack of popcorn, apple slices or another healthy option may help keep candy-munching to a minimum.

With all of the excitement in the air, the nighttime routine might take a bit longer than usual. Make sure the kids scrub off any face paint and brush those teeth well before climbing into bed and heading off to Halloween dreamland!