Basket Bonanza

Colorful Easter baskets filled with candy, plush animals, art supplies and gardening tools on a hardwood floor

Easter baskets are traditionally all about the candy, but you can treat the basket recipient to a whole lot of fun by changing things up a bit. 

Fill a large, colorful basket with any of the following, depending on the age and gender of your giftee: 

  • Small plush animals such as ducks, chicks, bunnies, etc.
  • Art supplies: markers and colored pencils, drawing paper, coloring books
  • Gift Cards (ideas include restaurants, Kroger, Nike and Chipotle)
  • Age-appropriate books, cookbooks and magazines
  • Stickers and decal tattoos
  • Sparkling waters, natural sodas or juice boxes
  • Favorite candies (you’ve gotta include candy!)
  • Playing cards and card games such as Uno, Go Fish, etc.
  • Snacks including single-serving bags of crackers, pretzels or chips
  • Journals and high-quality pens
  • Fandango Gift Cards or movie passes
  • Stationery sets or note cards
  • Bubbles, Frisbees, sidewalk chalk, jacks and other outdoor activities
  • Candles
  • Jewelry or hair accessories
  • Small houseplants or vibrant floral bouquets
  • A baking recipe along with all shelf-stable ingredients needed in the recipe
  • Easter-themed socks
  • Small age-appropriate toys

If the Easter basket is going to a young girl, dress it up by stretching a costume tutu around the basket for a fairy tale-like effect. Young boys might like their Easter treats piled in the bed of a toy truck. Choice hats make a classy Easter basket for just about anyone. Another fun basket idea is to fill an upside-down umbrella with any of the above goodies…the “basket” is sure to come in handy when April showers start to fall.