4 Easy Ways to Support Immune Health

Grapes, avocado, leaf greens

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When it comes to immunity, the body has natural defenses against germs and pathogens. But is it possible to support your immune system in other ways? The answer is yes! Here are some steps you can start taking today to optimize immune health:

1. Eat a Healthful Diet Rich in Superfoods

It’s well known that a healthy diet comes with many benefits, but certain foods contain extra vitamins and minerals that may support your immune system. While shopping, use the OptUP app, and look for vibrantly colorful fruits and vegetables. Produce with purple, blue, red, orange and yellow hues typically is packed with protective antioxidants and vital nutrients such as beta-carotene. Some examples of these superfoods include berries, avocados, plums, red grapes, alfalfa sprouts, eggplant, broccoli and carrots. 

2. Take a Daily Multivitamin

Feel like your diet isn’t healthy enough, or that you’re not getting enough fruits or vegetables?

A daily multivitamin provides support where there may be nutrient gaps. We recommend adding One A Day® Vitamins to your routine. If greater nutritional support is needed, you can supplement with stand-alone vitamin products.

3. Supplement with Vitamins C, E and Zinc

Along with a daily multivitamin, other vitamins and supplements may help support immune health. Vitamins C, E and zinc are just a few nutrients associated with healthy immune function.† As when making any change to your diet, be sure to consult with your healthcare provider and/or a nutritionist for recommendations.

4. Add Probiotics to Your Diet

Did you know that gut health and immune health are closely linked? To support gut health, consider taking a probiotic supplement. We like TruBiotics®, which helps replenish good bacteria to maintain balance while supporting the 70 percent of the immune system that resides in the digestive tract. Also consider eating probiotic-rich foods, such as yogurt. Probiotic foods deliver millions of active cultures to support healthy digestion and more.

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