3 Ways to Serve Healthier Summer Cocktails

Magenta colored drink with ice cubes and blackberries

Created by: Simple Truth

Be cordial by serving cocktails that are decadent in flavor but light in sugar content. Here are three all-natural substitutes for table sugar, so your calorie-conscious guests can have their cake and drink their mojitos, too!

Stevia: Simple Truth™ Stevia is certified organic and plant-based, with zero calories and a very low glycemic index. Skip sugary drink mixes and sprinkle in Stevia instead!

Agave: Derived from the same Mexican cactus plant that gives us tequila, agave nectar comes in a variety of flavors and strengths, ranging from light to dark and is similar in thickness and sweetness to honey.

Honey: Sweeter than sugar (so you need less to get your sweet fix), mix in darker brews for rich flavor.

Squeezed Juices: The opportunities are endless with juice in your corner. Add fresh lime juice to your margaritas, lemons to your strawberry fizz, and tomatoes to your Sunday Bloody Mary. Or, get creative and make a Whiskey Blood Orange Sour. Thirsty yet?