Pati Jinich Shares Authentic Mexican Recipes & Meal Ideas

Pati Jinich Shares Authentic Mexican Recipes & Meal Ideas

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Authentic Mexican cuisine includes a rich tapestry of flavors and techniques, offering endless culinary options, and it’s never too late to perfect the skills at home. Chef Pati Jinich is ready to guide your exploration of this delightful cuisine and show you how to enjoy authentic flavors in your everyday meal routine.

A Mexico City native, Pati Jinich is the authority on how to cook mouthwatering meals full of fresh and authentic flavors. With a list of accomplishments that include James Beard Awards, New York Times bestsellers and Emmy-nominated TV shows, Pati’s recipes promise to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Whether it’s a comforting classic or a fresh twist on a timeless favorite, there’s something for everyone.

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Chef Pati’s Authentic Taco Seasoning Recipes

Choose from 4 deliciously authentic seasonings: Tex-Mex, Yucatecan, Norteno and Pacific Coast. Can’t decide which seasoning to try first? We’ve got you covered. Tell us about your tastebuds, and we’ll do the rest:

Taco Seasonings

Find the Perfect Homemade Taco Seasoning

More Authentic Meal Inspiration

Continue your culinary adventure with more recipes expertly crafted by Chef Pati Jinich. With each dish, discover how the vibrant and authentic flavors of Mexico can not only tantalize your taste buds but also enrich your daily dining experiences, transforming every meal into a delightful celebration of Mexican culinary artistry.

For more authentic meal inspiration or ingredients, head to our Mexican Department and Latin American Department pages, or find more everyday menu inspiration at our Meal Planning page.

More of Chef Pati’s Authentic Mexican Recipes

Pati has created delicious recipes to enrich everyday lives through meals inspired by the fresh flavors of Mexico. With each bite, you’ll see how Pati’s immense knowledge of Mexican cuisine translates into magic in the kitchen.

Getting to Know Pati

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