Summer Cocktail Recipes

Summer Cocktail Recipes

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Time for Summer Drinks

Warm weather is upon us, which means it’s the perfect time for a refreshing cocktail. From fruity and fresh to mixers and margaritas, you’ll find plenty of easy-to-make options. Check out these sweet summer sips to beat the heat.

Berry Good Summer Cocktails

Berry cocktails bring a fresh, sweet-tart flavor, and they’re perfect for summer. Strawberry Lime Tequila Punch is great for any get-together, while a Blueberry Vodka Lemonade hits the spot on a summer evening. Stay refreshed with the fizzy berry flavor of a Sparkling Berry Cherry Cocktail, or mix up a few spicy Jalapeño and Blackberry Cocktails, with a bit of cool mint to balance the sweet heat. We’ve even got a Paleo-friendly Blackberry Vodka Soda recipe for those watching their diet.

Favorite Summer Fruit Beverages

We’ve got plenty of other fresh and delicious summer cocktail recipes. Watermelon fans can try a refreshing and colorful Watermelon Margarita or Spiced Watermelon Cocktail, with zesty tequila and chili powder. In a citrus mood? Mix a batch of Sparkling Clementine Cocktails for a twist on mimosas, or maybe try a Keto-friendly Orange Cilantro Mojito to keep the carbs low. And serving Cherry Lime Vodka Slushes or Cantaloupe Agua Fresca is a pro move at any backyard barbecue.

Sparkling Berry Cherry Cocktail

In this easy breezy recipe, fresh berries are muddled with vodka and lime juice then topped with sparkling, fruity water for a refreshing cocktail that’s easy to sip on.

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Even More Summer Cocktail Recipes

Check out the recipes below for more fun summer cocktails to keep cool under the sun.