Paul Mitchell The Demi Demi Permanent Hair Color 9R 2 OZ Set of 2 Perspective: front
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Paul Mitchell The Demi Demi Permanent Hair Color 9R 2 OZ Set of 2

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Paul Mitchell The Demi Demi Permanent Hair Color 9R is a shade of hair color that falls under the category of demi-permanent hair colors. This particular shade is a combination of a level 9 Light blonde with red undertones. Demi-permanent hair color is a type of hair color that contains a small amount of peroxide and lasts longer than semi-permanent hair color, but not as long as permanent hair color. It usually fades after about 20-28 shampoos, depending on factors like hair porosity and color intensity. The Demi line from Paul Mitchell is designed to provide a range of natural-looking hair color shades with shine and condition. It's formulated with a unique protein-rich KeraReflect blend that helps to improve hair condition and add shine. This line is also ammonia-free, which makes it less damaging and less likely to cause irritation on the scalp. As with any hair color, it's important to follow the instructions carefully and conduct a patch test before using to avoid any allergic reactions or unexpected results. To use Paul Mitchell The Demi Demi Permanent Hair Color, mix the color with the appropriate developer (recommended 1:2 ratio), and apply the color evenly to clean, dry hair. Leave the color on for up to 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and style as desired. It is important to perform a patch test before using any hair color product to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. This is a unisex product. Comes in liquids form. Set of 2. Each is 2 oz. The formula includes cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, and cetearyl alcohol, which are fatty alcohols that help to condition the hair. It also contains propylene glycol, which helps to keep the color evenly distributed throughout the hair. The product includes several dyes such as Basic Blue 99, Basic Brown 16, Basic Red 76, and Basic Violet 2, which are used to achieve the desired shade.